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Complaints Prodecure

Parents: Complaints’ Procedure (PH Group)

The Peterhouse Group takes all complaints seriously. Complaints of all types are dealt with in accordance with this procedure:

Complainants can be assured that:
i. their complaint will be addressed courteously and efficiently and within a reasonable time
ii. as far as is possible their complaint will be treated as confidential
iii. if and when necessary appropriate action will be taken to address their complaint

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Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy for the Peterhouse Group of Schools


The Peterhouse Group of Schools (Peterhouse) takes the matter of child protection seriously. This document outlines the guidelines and procedures of relevance to child protection.

Every pupil should feel safe and protected from any form of abuse. Peterhouse is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and care of its pupils and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Peterhouse will take all reasonable measures to:
i. ensure that suitable staff and volunteers are recruited to work with pupils;
ii. be alert to signs of abuse both at Peterhouse and elsewhere;
iii. do all that is possible to protect each pupil from any form of abuse, whether from an adult or another pupil;

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Bus Booking Policy

The Peterhouse Group of Schools provides various regular weekend bus services for pupils. Parents are requested to take note of the guidelines in this policy document regarding booking and use of these services.

In all cases parents should contact the relevant Housemaster, Housemistress or School Secretary (SVH) with regards to bus bookings.

Bus booking are consolidated for the Peterhouse Group by the Bus Administrator who can be reached on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fixture Free Weekend and Half Term Intercity Buses

i. Bookings are open two weeks before the date of travel.
ii. Bookings are CLOSED to ALL from 08.00 on Friday of the week before travel. Failure to meet this deadline may result in the pupil concerned not getting a booking on the bus.
iii. The Bus Administrator prepares the Pupil Bus Lists (indicating allocation of pupils to destinations/buses) and sends them to all Housemasters, Housemistresses and the SVH Secretary by 08.00 on the Tuesday prior to travel.
iv. Hard copies of the Pupil Bus Lists are placed on notice boards by lunchtime on the Tuesday prior to the date of travel.
v. Pupils are responsible for checking they are booked on the correct buses, and advising the relevant Housemaster, Housemistress or School Secretary (SVH) if there are any mistakes.
vi. Peterhouse will endeavour to accommodate any compassionate requests for changes in bus bookings after the Friday 08.00 deadline. No other requests will be considered.
vii. No changes at all (outbound or inbound) will be accepted within 24 Hours (working days) of the outbound bus departure. Bookings cannot be changed over a weekend.

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Discipline Policy

Springvale House has a Code of Discipline for its pupils. 

The purpose of this discipline code is to ensure that pupils:
i. Maintain high standards of academic work;
ii. Maintain high standards of personal presentation/appearance;
iii. Maintain high standards of punctuality; and 
iv are well mannered and courteous towards teaching staff, support staff, parents, visitors and each other;
v. Develop a high standard pf self-discipline;
vi. Conduct themselves in an acceptable manner. 

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